Saturday Studio

Saturday Studio is a creative partnership in Charleston, South Carolina. We collaborate with clients to develop comprehensive graphic identities, and cultivate lasting relationships. The results are compelling brand experiences that transcend trends.


We are Brittany Davis and Kathryn Whyte. We began working together in 2013, and formed Saturday Studio in September 2015. We combine our backgrounds in design, illustration, and photography to create lasting impressions, both tactile and digital.

Brittany Davis


Brittany traveled the world before settling in Charleston in 2013 with her husband, Luke. Together they own and operate Luke’s Craft Pizza on the Charleston Peninsula, and raise their daughter, Johanna, born in December 2016.

Kathryn Whyte


Kathryn worked in Philadelphia before re-locating to Charleston in 2012. She lives with her boyfriend and a sassy cat in a 1960s ranch that’s hankering for that finally got a kitchen reno! She enjoys being baby Johanna’s favorite “aunt.”


  • Naming
  • Brand Development


    • Logo Design
    • Supporting Graphics
    • Tagline Generation
    • Font Family
    • Color Palette
  • Print Collateral


    • Stationery System
    • Editorial / Look Book
    • Menu System
    • Promotional Materials
    • Sourcing
    • Print Coordination
  • Packaging Design


    • Product Packaging
    • Food Packaging
    • Beverage Packaging
    • Unboxing Experience
    • Sourcing
    • Production Coordination
  • Digital Collateral


    • Stationery
    • Editorial / Look Book
    • Pricing Guide / Menu
    • Branded Templates
    • Promotional Materials
  • Signage


    • Exterior
    • Interior
    • Wayfinding
    • In-Store Experience
    • Sourcing
    • Production Coordination
  • Illustration
  • Photography


    • Photography + Post Production
    • Art Direction
    • Food Styling
    • Product Styling
    • Prop Sourcing
    • On-Location or Studio
  • Website Design
  • Website Development


We are a happy team of two, and have a select group of talented colleagues with whom we collaborate. Our goal is to remain small and focused, and for that reason we do not have any employment or internship opportunities available.

Select Clients

  • Ready or Knot
  • Rhiannon Bosse
  • Root Adorned
  • Rue Magazine
  • Studio Luxe
  • Studio McGee